Breakthrough Coaching

Do you feel stuck or lost? Like the life you’re living now doesn’t feel like the life you want to be living? Not sure how to get from where you are to where you want to be?  Or perhaps you’ve gone through massive changes and are not sure what this new chapter of your life looks like?  Sometimes our past hurts, negative beliefs, and emotional scars keep us from hearing the voice of our Soul and often, we’ve just forgotten how to hear it!  The voice of our Soul is our internal GPS (intuition) that guides us in living our most fulfilled life.

Breakthrough coaching is based on yogic tools and techniques to help you connect and build your relationship with your Soul, it is always there we just sometimes forget to nurture that relationship and to tune into our inner wisdom.  We also take out the garbage (old beliefs, hurts, traumas, negative emotions) with EFT or tapping as well as mindset work to help you breakthrough what’s in the way for a clear connection with Soul and living from that place.

If you are ready to step into your power and live a Soul guided life get in touch with me for a 30 minute clarity call.  We can determine if working together feels right!

75-90 minute session: $150.00
Yoga for You package (6 sessions): $700
**prices includes taxes**