Kundalini Yoga: 

This style of Yoga is called the Yoga of awareness. It is designed to awaken our potential that is dormant inside of us (Kundalini energy). This is done through the form of Kriya (specific set of actions that have an expected outcome), these kriyas contain pranayama (breath work), yoga postures, mudras  (hand gestures or positions that change the flow of the energy), mantras (repetition of sacred sounds). Some Kriyas are very vigorous and some are more relaxed and meditative.  A traditional Kundalini class will contain a Kriya or Yoga set, deep relaxation with or without gong, meditation, and chanting.  Every class is different and you never know what will come next. Expect to feel uplifted and energized!

Restorative Yoga: 

The antidote to stress is relaxation!  It is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve a physical, mental, and emotional states of deep relaxation with the use of props in long held yoga postures.  It is the perfect style of yoga for when you are under a lot of stress, recovering from illness, exhausted, or if you just need time to relax deeply.

Corporate Yoga:

Would you like to have yoga classes at your workplace? I am available to come work with your staff to help them strengthen their mind-body connection which helps with energy, stress relief, and a general sense of balance.