Yoga for You

Yoga for You:

In the past yoga was taught from master to disciple, since yoga has become more popularized it has become more of a group based activity.  The magic in yoga lies in consistency and when it becomes a part of your lifestyle.  This is why my Yoga for You program exists. To help you live your yoga!  This personalized program is focused on helping you establish a yoga practice that works for you! We can tailor your yoga practice to suit your needs whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, exhaustion, PTSD, chronic pain, or simply want to learn to breathe better or deepen your current practice.  Using a variety of yogic tools and philosophy we can tailor sessions and a daily practice that will be focused on increasing your well-being.

60 minute session: $90.00
Yoga for You package (6 sessions): $450

75 minute session: $100.00
Yoga for You package (6 sessions): $510
**prices includes taxes**